BBQ’s are what make summers fun. You get to through BBQ parties, friends and family come over, the temperature gets warmer, the skins gets darker and the life gets better. You can go for a cheap disposal BBQ that you can easily find at a supermarket but going for one would be like jeopardizing your gatherings and as far as I know, no one likes to end up in jokes. A perfect barbecue is the one that is big in size, is hot and features a height that allows you to comfortably grill with it. You can build this perfectly customize BBQ on your own using bricks, barrels or any other thing you can find in your backyard.

Brick BBQ

You can find a very helpful and easy to understand instructional tutorial on BBC’s gardener’s world. The tutorial takes you through all of the process revolving how to build a brick BBQ. Bricks can be found almost anywhere and if you’re allowed to pick them up then do that and pile them up in your front yard for the DIY. If you can’t find any then you can do that on Pre-loved or Gumtree where people are looking for other people to help them get rid of their piles of bricks. Once you have the bricks, lay them in the manner and height you want and build a perfect BBQ that you want. I know it’s funny that I didn’t explain the whole process but I’ve showed you the way. Follow the BBC tutorial, it covers all steps in details.

2- Oil Drum/Barrel BBQ

You can use an oil barrel for building this type of BBQ. If you don’t know then you can find one at some farm or near a construction site. Make sure you ask for the permission from the owner of the barrel before you bring it back home. If you can’t find any barrel at some farm or a nearby construction site or the owner doesn’t like giving his barrels away then you can get one for free from Gumtree who have a lot of free stuff UK and if you also fail to find one for free on Gumtree then you can buy one for £10 on eBay which is way less than purchasing a BBQ.
You can find a great tutorial at Indestructible on how to build an oil drum barrel BBQ on your own. Drum barrel BBQ is a lot complicated than building a brick BBQ as it requires having a knowhow of using some power tools.

3- Fire Pit BBQ

Fire pit BBQ is the easiest one of all to build. You just simply have to lay bricks in a circle of a square and then you build a charcoal fire in it. You throw a big grill on top of the circle and once the fire calms down and turns into smaller flames, you start cooking.

Gadget Advice

Camping is all about getting away from the daily inflexible routine and spend some carefree quality time with your friends and family enjoying the beauty and quiet that the Mother Nature has to offer. And while you’re at it, you can make your time more memorable and cherishing by watching a movie or nature related documentary or share an old memory captured in a video with your loved ones.

To start off, you’re going to need a Video Source or Storage Device which could be a smartphone, laptop, I pad or a portable DVD-player maybe. You can also stream videos through your smartphone given the cellular reception at the camping site is strong and a reasonable data package is offered by your network provider. Moving ahead with your video data stored in one of your devices like your cell phone or laptop through an SD card or an external hard drive is usually a better option as compared to relying on Wi-Fi signals or Cellular data cause it saves you from any unpleasant surprise which can ruin the fun weekend.

Next, the audio source of your little camping theater can be headphones if there won’t be a lot of people in the audience. Otherwise, the best option is to carry along battery-powered Bluetooth speakers which would be able to entertain a comparatively bigger audience and, will keep your gear small and portable at the same time.

For the projection screen, you can carry along a white non-transparent cloth or sheet to make a nice screen out of it. You can also use one of the sides of your tent as a screen. You can also adjust the projector according to you comfort in case the tent is slightly tilted. The AAXA P5 Pico Projector has an option to inverse the image which can be helpful if you want to project the video from the inside and watch it sitting outside the camp.

An I-pad or a laptop is a good option for your screening need as long as the audience comprises of just 2 people but if you’re looking on to a relatively larger audience then a projector would be the most entertaining choice to meet your needs. AAXA P5 Pico Projector is a tiny device which comes along with rechargeable batteries which makes it portable and ideal for such scenario. The projector offers 3 power modes; Bright- which is the standard mode which is activated when the projector is plugged in; Standard- which gives you a brighter image on the cost of a little less battery time and slightly louder fan noise; Eco-

The best choice for outdoor usage at night as it prolongs the battery timing to 120 mins on the cost of slightly dimmer image still best suitable for night time screening. It offers a Max Image Resolution of 1280 x 1080 (HD-1080p) and native resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p), a 300 lumens brightness capacity which is more than enough even for a daytime screening. You can choose a projection image size from 10 to 100 inches which come from a light source of triple RGB LEDs. In this short article, I’m gonna go through all the things that you’re going to need to make your camping experience more delightful by setting up a portable camping theater.

Tech Reviews

In today’s busy world parents mostly have a lot on their hands to manage. You have to multitask to get things done in a timely manner and you want to give your best to be a more responsible and efficient parent. During all the daily chores and random things that just pop-up on your to-do-list, just imagine wouldn’t it be nice to have a little assistant helping you out with all things that you MUST do, this little assistant is your Apple Watch. Technology, once again is here to save you from getting over-worked and exhausted, and it also lets you get yourself a little “me time”, to sit back and relax or take a nap. Apple Watch offers a large variety of built-in features and apps that can help you give your best to your children.

For an instance, a built-in feature to monitor your heart rate can really help you out from getting stressed-out by keeping an eye on your heart rate in a timely manner and focusing on a breathing exercise. A better mood and healthy mind lead to better focus and positive energy around the house which in-turns provides the best environment for raising the children. One of the Apple Watch apps helps you take a peek at how many calories you’ve burned through the day by keeping track of how active you’ve been. It can also help you with setting alarms and timers for your kid’s naps and even yours when you’re looking for a quick power nap. Besides a ringing tone for the already decided alarm time, the watch also gives you a little tap on your wrist to wake you up or to get your attention in case, you have to wake your kids up so they won’t over-sleep. You can also set your Apple Watch to show you your appointments and schedules for the day and upcoming days on its screen so you can manage your time to the second.

Apple Watch gives an instant access to your emails, texts, missed calls etc. when you’re driving or holding your baby or have just woke up so you don’t have to reach for your phone each time you need an update. Apple Watch comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so you don’t have to put your baby down to reach for your cellphone every time you have to receive or make a call. You can even pay your bills at places which accept Apple Pay by just a tap on your wrist. The weather forecast app can help you dress your kids more appropriately for the weather.

Apple Watch can not only help you with navigation, the next time you’re on your way to one of your kid’s weekend game or friend’s birthday party but it can also update you with your favorite game’s score changes or news, you might otherwise have to sacrifice to be a good parent. This watch also lets you lock and unlock the doors, keep an eye on the front yard by connecting it with a camera and the list goes on and on. Apple Watch is a much-needed assistant that can help you with a lot of little things to be more focused and caring parent.


As a parent, it is a responsibility to keep in check the social activities and boundaries of their kids. Which in old days was done by evaluating their friends and behavior around the house but with the advance in technology the social interactions and boundaries of the kids have become vast. There are new apps and websites popping up each day which are used for the purpose of socialization and interaction by the world. And finally, when parents were able to get their hands on some of the major ones like Facebook, the kids labeled it for “old ones” and moved on to others. I know kids these days are very “aggressive” about an invasion of their privacy but as a parent; one can’t ignore the natural instinct of saving their kids to do something irresponsible that they might regret. In this article, I’m going to take these Old Pals of mine through the most famous apps that are used by kids and teenagers these days. I will also discuss the basic functions and threats (if any) offered by these social media apps.


Facebook is one of the most famous social media and networking website in the world with 1.23 billion active users each month. It can be accessed both from mobile and web and users can interact with each through public groups, pages, and mostly friend list. You can control the visibility of your posts that are usually pictures, videos or statements called “status”, between your friends, friends of friends and public. Facebook is also a good medium for getting updates and information about your interests by liking and following a page created for that specific cause. You can delete your account, if you want to, at any given time or can just deactivate it for a certain period of you plan to come back.


Twitter is a great medium for sharing ideas, perspectives and information with just a click of a button. You can write a 140 words paragraph or statement which is then responded by your followers. A lot of celebrities use twitter to give a quick peek into their lives and on-going projects, some of them eve reply to your thread against one of their tweets. You can control the privacy of your posts by making them private or public and can also keep your information restricted to followers that you have allowed to follow your updates.


Instagram is one of the most famous photo sharing social media app among users of all ages specifically teenagers. It can be accessed from both the web and cell phone and allows you to share photos, like, comment and share those photos and mini-videos as well. It also allows you to crop and edit your photos with different built-in filters. One major back draw of the app is that inappropriate photos can be accessed by kids by just a click. Parents should also have a conversation with their kids about the photos and other content they share through this medium.

Some of the other famous apps used by teenagers are: