Gadget Advice

Camping is all about getting away from the daily inflexible routine and spend some carefree quality time with your friends and family enjoying the beauty and quiet that the Mother Nature has to offer. And while you’re at it, you can make your time more memorable and cherishing by watching a movie or nature related documentary or share an old memory captured in a video with your loved ones.

To start off, you’re going to need a Video Source or Storage Device which could be a smartphone, laptop, I pad or a portable DVD-player maybe. You can also stream videos through your smartphone given the cellular reception at the camping site is strong and a reasonable data package is offered by your network provider. Moving ahead with your video data stored in one of your devices like your cell phone or laptop through an SD card or an external hard drive is usually a better option as compared to relying on Wi-Fi signals or Cellular data cause it saves you from any unpleasant surprise which can ruin the fun weekend.

Next, the audio source of your little camping theater can be headphones if there won’t be a lot of people in the audience. Otherwise, the best option is to carry along battery-powered Bluetooth speakers which would be able to entertain a comparatively bigger audience and, will keep your gear small and portable at the same time.

For the projection screen, you can carry along a white non-transparent cloth or sheet to make a nice screen out of it. You can also use one of the sides of your tent as a screen. You can also adjust the projector according to you comfort in case the tent is slightly tilted. The AAXA P5 Pico Projector has an option to inverse the image which can be helpful if you want to project the video from the inside and watch it sitting outside the camp.

An I-pad or a laptop is a good option for your screening need as long as the audience comprises of just 2 people but if you’re looking on to a relatively larger audience then a projector would be the most entertaining choice to meet your needs. AAXA P5 Pico Projector is a tiny device which comes along with rechargeable batteries which makes it portable and ideal for such scenario. The projector offers 3 power modes; Bright- which is the standard mode which is activated when the projector is plugged in; Standard- which gives you a brighter image on the cost of a little less battery time and slightly louder fan noise; Eco-

The best choice for outdoor usage at night as it prolongs the battery timing to 120 mins on the cost of slightly dimmer image still best suitable for night time screening. It offers a Max Image Resolution of 1280 x 1080 (HD-1080p) and native resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p), a 300 lumens brightness capacity which is more than enough even for a daytime screening. You can choose a projection image size from 10 to 100 inches which come from a light source of triple RGB LEDs. In this short article, I’m gonna go through all the things that you’re going to need to make your camping experience more delightful by setting up a portable camping theater.