Parent’s Guide to Famous Social Media Apps Used by Kids these Days

As a parent, it is a responsibility to keep in check the social activities and boundaries of their kids. Which in old days was done by evaluating their friends and behavior around the house but with the advance in technology the social interactions and boundaries of the kids have become vast. There are new apps and websites popping up each day which are used for the purpose of socialization and interaction by the world. And finally, when parents were able to get their hands on some of the major ones like Facebook, the kids labeled it for “old ones” and moved on to others. I know kids these days are very “aggressive” about an invasion of their privacy but as a parent; one can’t ignore the natural instinct of saving their kids to do something irresponsible that they might regret. In this article, I’m going to take these Old Pals of mine through the most famous apps that are used by kids and teenagers these days. I will also discuss the basic functions and threats (if any) offered by these social media apps.


Facebook is one of the most famous social media and networking website in the world with 1.23 billion active users each month. It can be accessed both from mobile and web and users can interact with each through public groups, pages, and mostly friend list. You can control the visibility of your posts that are usually pictures, videos or statements called “status”, between your friends, friends of friends and public. Facebook is also a good medium for getting updates and information about your interests by liking and following a page created for that specific cause. You can delete your account, if you want to, at any given time or can just deactivate it for a certain period of you plan to come back.


Twitter is a great medium for sharing ideas, perspectives and information with just a click of a button. You can write a 140 words paragraph or statement which is then responded by your followers. A lot of celebrities use twitter to give a quick peek into their lives and on-going projects, some of them eve reply to your thread against one of their tweets. You can control the privacy of your posts by making them private or public and can also keep your information restricted to followers that you have allowed to follow your updates.


Instagram is one of the most famous photo sharing social media app among users of all ages specifically teenagers. It can be accessed from both the web and cell phone and allows you to share photos, like, comment and share those photos and mini-videos as well. It also allows you to crop and edit your photos with different built-in filters. One major back draw of the app is that inappropriate photos can be accessed by kids by just a click. Parents should also have a conversation with their kids about the photos and other content they share through this medium.

Some of the other famous apps used by teenagers are:

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